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Businesses need vision and transparency in their various stakeholder sectors to ensure compliance with increasing obligations relating to the prevention of financial crime and money laundering. 

These stakeholder groups may include shareholders, suppliers, private equity partners, directors and employees, and each group can present specific risks to your business, from violating sanctions to appointing disqualified directors....

Our company provides a confidential screening and due diligence service to meet your legal, compliance and reputational risk requirements.   We can screen your stakeholders, for PEP / FPO Status, Sanctions inclusion, Criminal convictions or other adverse media.  Please note though, we are not Private Investigators, and will not undertake such roles.    Our due diligence is undertaken using publicly available information, unless confidential information is supplied as part of a particular assignment.

Screening and due diligence results can be sent to you in a confidential and secure format along with an experienced opinion / recommendation on the results.   This can be particularly useful when you are required to assign particular risk weightings, within your due diligence management and controls.   

Screening and due diligence searches can be done on an individual basis, as and when required, when you have a small number of clients, shareholders, stakeholders etc...   Alternatively, you can submit a batch of data, for review, which can be done on a one off basis, or at scheduled predefined dates.    Please visit our sister website for the options available, to you, to purchase your screening requirements.   www.kyc-era.co.uk 

For further information on how our services, can support your business, please contact us -  admin@kyc-era.com

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